Passive Fire Protection Systems

Market Leading Passive Fire Protection Systems 

With over 25 years experience in the fire protection industry, Firemac is one of the UK’s leading providers of passive fire protection systems and has two main product lines.


Firemac FM Fabric is a high performance fire protection cloth that is applied to specially designed galvanised steel ductwork to form Firemac FM Fire Duct Systems such as Firemac FM60, Firemac FM120 and Firemac FM240.


Firemac FM Blue is an impact resisting, steel faced board that can be used to form fire resisting walls, ceilings, ductwork and enclosures to building services.


The company's head office is in Scotland.

Firemac FM Fire Duct Systems

fire resistant ductwork

Firemac's range of FM Fire Duct systems are extensively tested and assessed to BS 476: Part 24: 1987 (ISO 6944 - 1985). These systems such as Firemac FM60 (one hour fire resistance), Firemac FM120 (two hours fire resistance) and Firemac FM240 (four hours fire resistance) use a fire protection cloth called Firemac FM Fabric, bonded and mechanically fixed onto steel ductwork by the ductworker at the point of fabrication rather than on the building site.


The Firemac FM Fabric is produced under a third party certification scheme operated by IFC Certification Ltd. The fabric is lightweight, flexible and with no curing time required it gives ductwork manufacturers complete control of both fabrication and installation, ensuring good quality control and reducing time, wastage and cost.


Firemac provides detailed hands-on and classroom training to the fabricators and installers of the system and this is reinforced by a detailed Technical Manual, training videos and site inspections on request.


Firemac FM Duct systems can be used for fire resisting ventilation, smoke extract, kitchen extract and pressurisation ducts to prevent fire and smoke from spreading through a building. Insulated and uninsulated systems are available.

Firemac FM Blue


Firemac FM Blue is a high impact, non combustible fire protection board comprising a central cementitious core that is faced on both sides with specially designed, mechanically bonded, galvanised steel.  For particularly onerous environments stainless steel Firemac FM Blue is also available.


Exceptionally robust and fire resistant, Firemac FM Blue walls, ceilings, ductwork and service enclosures provide a convenient and effective means of containing fire. Unlike many fire protections systems that are prone to damage during the life of the building and failure when subjected to impact or firefighters hose streams in the event of a fire, Firemac FM Blue systems still provide the required fire performance under the most onerous of conditions, thus helping to preserve life, property and critical services.


Firemac FM Blue is supplied under third party certification schemes operated by UL and IFC Certification Ltd and its systems have been extensively fire tested to BS 476: Parts 20, 22 and 24, BS EN 1364, Parts 1 & 2, and UL 263. Other tests such as crowd pressure testing of walls are referred to on the Firemac FM Blue pages of this website.


Firemac FM Blue is available from branches of SIG Insulation and the systems are installed by experienced contractors supported by Firemac Technical staff who provide construction specifications, advice and site visits on request.

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