Why use the Firemac range?

The fabric used in Firemac systems has been developed to meet the demands of ductworkers, and is applied at the point of fabrication, keeping all aspects of the project in house and under control. Firemac FM60, Firemac FM120 and Firemac FM240 have all been used extensively across the UK and the Middle East, and in a number of high profile builds.


The fabric itself is extremely strong, while its flexibility means it is easy to apply, usually by one worker. It is applied after the duct has been manufactured by a combination of adhesive and mechanical fixings - no curing time is required, meaning that fire resisting ductwork can be built, delivered and installed within hours without the need to use any third party contractors. This ensures any plan amendments can be easily and quickly accommodated, without any loss of time on site. There is usually no need to upgrade the duct to achieve the required fire rating.


Delivery is usually within 48 hours of order, giving ductworkers full control of the whole project.

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