Fire Rated Ductwork

New to fire stopping materials?


For companies who have not installed fire rated ductwork before, or have limited experience, initial entry into this market can seem daunting. As it is a safety critical area of the industry, the technical knowledge required can be off putting.


Firemac acts as your in-house technical department, and will answer any questions you or a consultant has regarding fire rated ductwork, and the performance of Firemac's range of systems. Our technical team include some of the UK’s leading experts on passive fire protection and Firemac's systems have been designed to be a straightforward addition to the range of services you offer.


Suitable for a wide range of environments, our fire rated ductwork has been successfully installed in factories, commercial kitchens, hospitals and other industrial sites for the purposes of safeguarding business properties from fire damage.


If you have any enquiries about fireproofing your ceilings and walls with our tough, long-lasting fire rated ductwork, we are happy to assist you! Call the passive fire protection experts at Firemac today to learn more about how our fire stopping materials are perfect for safeguarding your business premises.

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