What is Firemac FM Blue?

FM BlueFiremac FM Blue is a high impact, non-combustible fire protection board comprising a central cementitious core that is faced on both sides with specially designed, mechanically bonded, galvanised steel. For particularly onerous environments stainless steel Firemac FM Blue can be supplied, depending on quantity.


Exceptionally robust and fire resistant, Firemac FM Blue fire barriers, ductwork & service enclosures provide a convenient and effective means of containing fire. Unlike many fire protection systems that are prone to damage during the life of the building and failure when subjected to impact or hose streams in fire conditions, Firemac FM Blue systems provide a reliable fire containment system under the most onerous of conditions, thus helping to preserve life, property and critical services.



Firemac FM Blue steel-framed, non-loadbearing walls have fire resistance periods up to 240 minutes in terms of BS 476: Part 22: 1987 for fire attack from either face, for heights up to 15m and unlimited width.



Firemac FM Blue steel-framed, self-supporting ceiling systems have fire resistance periods up to 240 minutes (240 min. integrity & 120min insulation) in terms of BS EN 1364-2: 1999 and BS 476: Part 22: 1987 for fire attack from below and from above, for unlimited spans and width.



The Firemac FM Blue fire-resisting ventilation ductwork system is formed by simply securing a single layer of 8.5mm Firemac FM Blue to the outside of a steel frame. When tested to BS 476: Part 24: 1987 this system satisfies the stability & integrity performance criteria for up to 240 minutes. Insulated Firemac FM Blue duct systems satisfy the stability, integrity & insulation criteria for up to 120 minutes. Firemac FM Blue ducts may also be suitable for smoke extract or kitchen extract systems. For these latter applications consult Firemac.


Firemac FM Blue ducts can be built up to 10m wide x 3m high. For larger ducts consult Firemac.


A BSRIA test report states that the air leakage of the 8.5mm Firemac FM Blue board tested complied with the requirements of High Pressure Class C ductwork listed within Table 17 of HVCA document DW/144.



The Firemac FM Blue fire-resisting enclosures for building services are fabricated in a similar manner to Firemac FM Blue ductwork. They provide a fire resistance of up to 240 minutes in terms of the integrity and insulation performance criteria of BS 476: Part 20: 1987 (ISO 834: 1985) when exposed to fire within or outside the enclosure. The enclosures are designed to prevent the spread of fire via the enclosure system from one fire compartment to another, and from within the enclosure into a fire compartment.


Firemac FM Blue enclosures to building services can be up to 3m wide x 1500mm high. For larger enclosures contact Firemac.




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